About us

vittorio barberaParloitaliano is a cultural association who promotes Italian culture in Spain.
We started our activity in Ottawa (Canada) in 1999 and in 2001 we moved to Miami Beach (USA), where for 10 years we organized Italian Language courses for groups, individuals and companies, we also had a fantastic colaboration with Florida Grand Opera (Young Artists School for Opera Singers) as Italian coach.
Since the year 2012 we are established in Barcelona (Spain).
My name is Vittorio Barbera and I’m 49 years old, I graduated in Economics and I love cooking and sailing. I’m the founder of Parloitaliano cultural association and I hope to meet you soon.

federica ballancinHello everyone! I am Federica, I am 26 and I come from a little city near Venice, Italy.
I have recently graduated in Languages for International Communication at the University of Bologna with a specialization in Spanish and German.
During my academic career I had the possibility to spend several semesters abroad both for study and work. I have spent six months in Austria and six in Germany with the Erasmus program and eight months working in Spain, respectively four in Canary Islands and four in Barcelona.Thanks to my last work experience in Barcelona, where I worked as Italian teacher for foreigners, I discovered my real passion: teaching. For this reason I currently work as freelance Italian, Spanish and German teacher for student of all ages and nationalities. If you are interested in discovering and learning our beautiful language and culture do not hesitate to contact me.
I hope to meet you soon!

jessica munariHello! I’m Jessica, I’m 21 years old and I study Languages, Civilization and Language Sciences at Ca’ Foscari University, in Venice. I live in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, in the North of Italy. I speak four languages: Italian, English, Spanish and German, which I studied at high school. My passion and favorite free time activity is travelling, as well as learning new idioms and cultures. However, I love my home country and its cultural and artistic heritage.
For this reason I hope I will be able to share the beautiful Italian heritage with foreign students, and at the same time improving my skills in foreign languages, by interacting with people from all over the world in a multicultural environment.

jolanda blesasHi, my name is Iolanda Blesas and I’m from Barcelona. I’m 43 years old and I’ve been teaching since 2002, teenagers in high school, and adults. My interest in languages has led me to learn some of them; apart from my mother tongue, Catalan and Spanish, I speak English, French and Italian. The knowledge of these has also led me to the field of language teaching, training me as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Instituto Cervantes. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, I am passionate about drawing, painting and the world of culture in general, as well as traveling. I hope to share my skills and passions with you soon.

isabel benvenutiHello! My name is Isabel Benvenuti. I am from a small town in New Jersey, USA but I am now living in Los Angeles, California, USA. I earned a degree in Spanish and mathematical economics from the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Now, I am pursuing a doctorate in Hispanic linguistics at UCLA.
My main research area in my studies is bilingual language processing, but I am also interested in language acquisition and education. I have taught all levels of Spanish at UCLA, and have taught English reading comprehension for high school students. In addition, I have helped design online courses and have taught several online courses myself, so I am familiar with strategies that make online learning engaging and successful.
I think it’s important that education be accessible, which is why I’m so excited to be teaching English via Skype. I love that it’s possible to teach and interact with students, even though we might be in different parts of the world.