Alghero, a small Barcelona


Alghero is a town located on the northwest coast of Sardinia. And it has much in common with the city that is also called “Barceloneta“.
The reason has something to do with his history: in 1353 the Aragonese community conquered Alghero. Until then this was a Genoese fortress, and made this city a very important maritime trade center between Spain and Sardinian Catalan colony.
Between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Spaniards fortified the city from the seaside and to the land side with huge walls constructions. Right now the large towers that are still there. The dominance of the Catalans continued until 1720, when the city was conquered by the Savoy.
The presence of the Catalans in Alghero has left a deep influence still visible today. You can see it in the local culture, in the buildings architecture and in the local cuisine.

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In Alghero (or “The Alguer” as it is called by the locals), however they speak Catalan as a dialect.  It is possible to recognize this language in many place names (riu, Plaça, carrer, church, palau, …) and not only in the church of San Francisco.Certainly one of the most beautiful in the city where Sunday celebrations are held in Catalan. The influence is also recognized in the Catalan traditional festivals (especially at Easter). His neighborhoods are similar to some areas of the Barcelona Old Town. Alghero Vella is a fascinating labyrinth of old streets full of bars,restaurants and shops.  Where the nightlife in the animated streets is exciting and never ends.
Finally, how can we forget that one of the typical dishes of Alghero is the “langosta a la catalana” (lobster), cooked with onions, tomatoes and lemon!

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