Perugia city between art, entertainment.

Perugia city between art and entertainment
Perugia city between art and entertainment

Perugia,town between art and entertainment, is a beautiful city full of history and culture located in the center of Italy.It is the capital of the state of Umbria and is also known as the green heart of Italy for the green hilly landscape that surrounds it.
It was a city founded by the Etruscans and today is also an important university for foreigners. And every year welcomes thousands of students from all over the world.
By Walking along the historic streets of downtown you can see the signs of the Etruscan civilization of the third or fourth century BC.

The monumental Etruscan arch, is the main gateway of the city to reach the Vannucci avenue where you can enjoy the Fontana Maggiore. The Etruscan pond and the Palace of Priori with the spectacular view of the city from the gardens Carducci which represent the heart of Perugia!
From here you can be lost in the fascinating underground streets and the historic atmosphere of the Rocca Paolina who shows the ancient symbol of papal power over the city.
The charming narrow streets lead you to discover the most hidden and unexpected corners of the city, and suddenly you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Umbrian valley.
These same streets become alive and full of tourists each year for two major events, one about the chocolate and the other about the music. In the month of October of each year Perugia opens its doors to the international exhibition of chocolate. Eurochocolate not only will allow you to discover and taste the famous “Baci Perugina” and you will see chocolate sculptures and many shows, the festival offers to adults and children a lot of fun and an amazing opportunity for chocolate lovers.
On summer, when normally the cities are emptied by the people travelling for the holidays, Perugia has a rebirth of his artistic activities. On July, the famous Jazz festival cheer up the streets of the city, with free concerts until dawn where you can hang around the streets With a glass of good wine or a beer and you are free to dance in the street at Jazz notes.
Each month of the year there are several attractions that the city offers to the tourists for enjoying their cultural holidays with entertainment and relaxation !!!


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