Trip to the London Museum


Last week, our students from the A2Z School in London had the opportunity to visit the London Museum. Every Tuesday, the school organises a trip to an accessible London location, such as a museum or gallery. Luckily, Wimbledon (where our school is situated) is at walkable distance to a number of places that are worth exploring.  When needed, different forms of transportation are also readily available. As we literally have new students joining us every Monday of the academic year, these events are a great opportunity for them to relax. They also socialise as well as to explore the area that they are usually newly living in.


During this particular Tuesday trip, ten of our students (some of which new and shy, and others – a bit more experienced and enthusiastic) discovered the London Museum. This is a particularly suitable place if one wants to learn about the history and culture of the UK’s capital. The Museum is divided into several different areas in accordance with the time period they relate to. The halls are very modern and include new digital technology exhibits. One may also participate in interactive games and quizzes and visit a projection room. Where you pass through a slightly creepy mock London street from hundreds of years ago…

Finally, let us mention the souvenir shop that visitors pass though on their way out of the museum. Here you find the good quality café that our students, like most visitors, felt like sitting in after their satisfying and little tiring visit through the centuries. Everyone was content with the selected location of our Tuesday trip, with the pleasant company. With the opportunity to practice English along the way while enjoying the exhibits and communicating with each other.

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    this time at the Museum of London is an exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, I’d like to see

    June 29, 2014 at 11:13 am

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